Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings:

Application: For pipeline holding water, gas, oil, etc.             

Standards as:   ISO5922/ ISO49/ ISO7-1,

BS EN1562:1997, BS EN10242,


ANSI/ASME A197/ A197M-2000,

ANSI/ASME 16.3-92/ B1.20.1-83

Material property:                                                                                                                 Data sheet

Tensile strength - from 300 to 350 N/mm2,

Elongation - from 6% to 10%,  

Hardness - max 150 HBS 5/750

Working pressure: Hydrostatic 20bar, Pneumatic 5bar

Surface: Black, Galvanized, Epoxy Coating

Designed shape: banded, beaded, banded with rib, beaded with rib

Weight: Heavy, Medium, and Light

Packing: Cartons and Plastic Bags